The Budweiser foal from the company's Super Bowl ad gets a name: Hope.

The Budweiser advert in this year's Superbowl was a far cry from it's iconic irreverent and comical ads (the croaking toads, and WAZZAAAPPPPP spring to mind), but this softer more sentimental approach shows the other side of the American beer company. The new ad sees a baby Clydesdale foal grow up with its owner/trainer, only to be sent packing to Budweiser (who have a group of Clydesdales to use as promotional aids). Three years later its original trainer goes to see the troup of Clydesdales in his local city. The horse recognizes the man and runs to greet him when his hit harness and bit are removed. 

Sparking off from that ad, Budweiser launched a related Twitter campaign to choose a name for the foal seen in the advert. After 60,000 tweets, Facebook comments, et al, they chose the name 'Hope'. Very fitting. As Yahoo state, this breed of horse has been associated with the company since 1933 when they were used to celebrate prohibition being lifted. 

Hope was born on January 16th, just three weeks ago. "We were overwhelmed by the response we got,"Lori Shambro, brand director for Budweiser, said in a statement. "Many of our fans wanted a name to reflect their optimism and spirit, which the name Hope encapsulates beautifully."