Janet Jackson's 2004 Super Bowl ''wardrobe malfunction'' case has come to end after the Supreme Court have decided not to review an earlier verdict.

A lower court had previously thrown out the Federal Communications Commission's $550,000 fine on the CBS network, which briefly screened Janet's bare breast when Justin Timberlake ripped part of her clothing off during a duet.

However it seems the television channel may have to be reimbursed as they had already paid the fine.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who agreed with the decision not to hear the case, pointed out that the FCC has since stopped excusing such indecencies.

She warned: ''Any future 'wardrobe malfunctions' will not be protected.''

A spokesperson for CBS said in a statement: ''We are gratified to finally put this episode behind us. It's been more than eight years since we expressed deep regret for the Super Bowl halftime show.

''As observers of this issue are aware, at that time we took immediate Steps to implement Delays on all live entertainment programs so that we could safeguard against similar incidents of unintended and spontaneous snippets of live broadcasts.''

They added: ''Since then, all we ever sought was an affirmation of the long-established policy of balanced, consistent and deliberate indecency enforcement the FCC had followed for decades before the incident.''