Social marketing can be a difficult one to get right, but when it is done right then it can be the most powerful tool of a company. During the outage crisis during the Super Bowl on Sunday, when there was no power for around 30 minutes, the team behind Oreo were on it fast and came up with an effective and seamless immediate campaign to accompany the darkness. Utilising Twitter, they sent out the slogan and photo:

Speaking to Speakeasy, the president of the company behind the slogan and image, Sarah Hofstetter, explained how it came about, and why it seemed almost as though the power cut was planned just for Oreo, which of course, it wasn't.

"Because Oreo was a Super Bowl advertiser, we had set up a team of folks at our offices with people from Oreo as well to both listen to and optimize the chatter on the Internet," she said. "While we certainly didn't expect the blackout, the team's first instinct upon the blackout was to figure out how Oreo can be relevant in the moment. Having a full team of creative, social media experts and the brand made it quick and seamless." 

Seamless indeed, and didn't it make you want an Oreo? Job well done.