Everyone knows the best thing about the Super Bowl is the commercials and this year, it doesn't disappoint. Featuring all the most unlikely stars you can imagine from Liam Neeson to Steve Harvey, this year's breaks had moments of tears, joy, shock and - namely - abject horror. Thanks Doritos!

Amy SchumerAmy Schumer hits the Bud with Seth Rogen

First you got Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen representing Bud Light in all their awkward glory, giving an uplifting power speech about America and the importance of beer. Then there's Liam Neeson goes all sci-fi on us with the LG ad (never has a commercial been so suspenseful), and Kia Optima's walk-in closet commercial (sorry, we mean the 'Walken' closet) - enter Christopher Walken, an advocate for brightly coloured socks. Go figure.

T-Mobile spoof Drake's 'Hotline Bling', with the rapper and singer appearing overly keen on making radical changes to his video for the benefit of some average phone company, sharing jokes about hidden fees etc. Even Steve Harvey has the nerve to make fun of himself for the Super Bowl, parodying his huge Miss Universe blunder also for T-Mobile. But he knows where the responsibility really lies for this one.

Steve Tyler destroys his Skittles portrait with falsetto - Rock the Rainbow indeed! - and Kevin Hart is one seriously scary daddy in the Hyundai advert, petrifying his daughter's new boyfriend to the tune of 'Another One Bites The Dust'.

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Surprisingly though, it wasn't a celebrity that left a lasting impression on viewers, because the most jaw-dropping commercial of this year's Super Bowl was Doritos' rather terrifying ultrasound/childbirth ad. To summarise, it saw an unborn baby escaping the womb after sensing the presence of Doritos during a routine scan. Many pregnant women everywhere literally put down the chips at that moment.

'That Doritos baby ultrasound commercial could win best commercial of #SB50', said Dwayne Johnson on Twitter, alongside a crying-with-laughter emoji. Mindy Kaling seemed to find it less funny, however: 'That Doritos ad was chilling.'