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10th May 2010

Fact: A celebrity basketball game in California on Saturday (08May10) became a battle of the action men - SUPERMAN RETURNS star Brandon Routh played alongside Dean Cain, who starred as the hero in TV show LOIS & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman.

18th January 2010

Quote: "I'd love to act, but it scares me." Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton is trying not to let her failed audition for 2006 blockbuster SUPERMAN RETURNS discourage her from pursuing a career in Hollywood.

5th February 2009

Quote: "It's a very stressful situation, especially when you're putting your emotions on the line. It's hard to be in that moment and mess something up." SUPERMAN RETURNS star Brandon Routh offers his support to fellow movie superhero Christian Bale after his much-publicised and profanity-laced TERMINATOR SALVATION on-set attack on a fidgeting assistant director hit the Internet.

13th February 2008

Fact: SUPERMAN RETURNS star Frank Langella has splashed out $2.1 million (GBP1.05 million) on a new mansion in the Central Park area of Manhattan, New York. The house boasts six bedrooms, but no park views.

10th January 2008

Fact: SUPERMAN RETURNS actress Kate Bosworth has signed up as the face of Calvin Klein Jeans for the spring 2008 season.

14th August 2006

Fact: Former Dallas star VICTORIA PRINCIPAL, designer PHILIPPE STARCK and SUPERMAN RETURNS director Bryan Singer have all paid SIR Richard Branson $200,000 (GBP111,000) to venture into space on VIRGIN GALACTIC airways when it is eventually ready to blast off.

4th August 2006

Quote: "I look exactly like Superman, with the tights and the cape and the muscles. There was no reason to release SUPERMAN RETURNS because we've totally covered it." Actor Jack Black describes why his wrestling outfit in new movie NACHO LIBRE should be a hit.

8th July 2006

Quote: "I just bought a house, and I'm trying to find all these odd things to fill it with." SUPERMAN RETURNS star Kate Bosworth explains why fans will be able to find her at Los Angeles' top flea markets.

7th July 2006

Fact: The first Superman film in 1978 was released before SUPERMAN RETURNS actress Kate Bosworth was born.

27th June 2006

Fact: Kate Bosworth's doll for her SUPERMAN RETURNS character Lois Lane, has two different coloured eyes, just like the actress herself.

15th June 2006

Quote: "I like to call the look 'General Rommel goes to dinner'." Kevin Spacey on his character LEX LUTHER in SUPERMAN RETURNS.

11th December 2005

Fact: <p>Upcoming film SUPERMAN RETURNS is the most expensive movie in cinema history - costing a staggering $245 million (GBP140 million). </p>

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