Ang Lee's Life of Pi is enjoying a tremendous time with the critics, as they build a strong case for the film as an Oscar contender, but the film's star, Suraj Sharma has things other than Hollywood fame to worry about; he's only just managing to stay in school!

At 19, Sharma is still deciding on his life's focus; whether he continues to act or carry on down the academic route, but that decision was nearly made for him, with his failure to attend lectures at his Delhi university nearly landing him in hot water with the school's principle. Mr Sharma met with the top man six times in three days to bolster his case, and handed in eight essays in bulk to save his skin. "I expect him to take his life as a student seriously," the principle explained, according to The Telegraph. "It's in no one's interest to hold people back and [also] in no one's interest to make a mockery of the system. All of us have to be responsible for whatever commitments we have undertaken. Work is the medium of growth and empowerment. Anyone interested in the well-being and long-term happiness of a young person will not dilute the requirements of work at St Stephen's there is a great emphasis on character formation," he said.

One of these essays, he said, was an account of how hard he had worked to shape the character of Pi. "He had not cleared the requirement until 10 minutes ago. He submitted eight essays and I'm delighted. I've accepted them altogether, which is not usual," added the principle.