Surfer Blood fans and just generally charitable folk, listen up. Guitarist Thomas Fekete has revealed that he is fighting for his life having been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that's spread to his lungs and spine. In order to get better, he needs your help to fund an 'alternative treatment plan' that could well bring him back to the stage.

Thomas Fekete from Surfer BloodThomas Fekete needs your help

Fekete recently had surgery to extract a large tumour from his abdomen and was subsequently diagnosed with a virulent sarcoma that's now hit his lower spine and lungs. While he reveals that he will be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, he explains that he is prepared to undergo a bonus treatment to help him further. 'I found a doctor who is on the cutting edge of cancer treatments, and we have assembled a team of brilliant doctors who all seem to be extremely confident in an alternative treatment plan, to complement the chemotherapy', he tells fans on his Go Fund Me page. Speaking of which, he also adds that his health insurance will not cover the new treatment and so this is why he needs you to get involved.

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'Any bit of help would be massive for me, as I'm no longer able to tour and make a living, and my wonderful wife/best friend whom I just married in November will now be leaving work to help me throughout my treatment', he continues. The current donations stands at $43,443 but Fekete needs $76,000 so get giving!

The news comes ahead of the release of Surfer Blood's third album in May 2015, entitled '1000 Palms'.

To donate to Thomas Fekete's cancer treatment, go to his Go Fund Me page here.