Scottish singer Susan Boyle is planning to become a mother at the age of 53 by adopting a child.

The I Dreamed A Dream hitmaker admits she has always longed to have a family of her own, so she has contacted social services in the U.K. and has started the adoption process.

Boyle tells Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper, "I have so much love to give, I have so much to give someone that I want to adopt. I want to adopt a child who doesn't have much, someone who I can really give something to. It's a way of giving back for me. I have been considering it for about a year now, I love children, I always have but I couldn't have them.

"I want to give a youngster what I didn't have, and now I can do that... For the last couple of weeks it (the adoption process) has got serious, I hope that they see what I can give. I know I'm not married and I'm over 50 but I am waiting to see. I know it is all a long process but I've never been more keen to do it. The rules can be quite strict but let's hope. We'll have to see what social ­services say but it would make me so happy."

Boyle hopes her age and her single status do not work against her, adding, "I do know that I'm single and 50-odd. People don't think I'm being serious when I say it, they have a giggle at me. Let's see."