Susan Sarandon keeps turning down countless offers to pose nude for Playboy because she thinks the models in the magazine's pictorials always look so "uninteresting".

The actress, who once posed for a Playboy cover that was never used, has become one of the stars at the top of Playboy boss Hugh Hefner's wishlist - and she keeps being offered huge amounts to disrobe.

She says, "For years I've been having discussions with Playboy because they kept bringing up the price and I kept turning it down.

"I was thinking, 'Why do these women look so uninteresting in Playboy?'"

The portrait which Playboy never used is featured briefly in the actress' new film Shall We Dance?, and she's considering selling it.

The REVLON model, who turned 58 yesterday (04OCT04), says, "What would I do with that portrait? I guess I'd put it on eBAY maybe! It was from a Playboy cover that I think they shot but they never used."

05/10/2004 02:29