Review of Chapter 3: The Flesh Album by Syleena Johnson

Chapter 3 is the third album for Jive from probably the most under-rated artist in the world is just what you expect from an artist of this quality. Syleena Johnson's album opens with the first single the R Kelly co-penned, produced and featured "Hypnotic". This album fast gets into pure quality via the retro sounding, Emotions style inspired "He Makes Me Say". Next up flows the awesome "Special Occasion" again aided and abetted by R Kelly, this smouldering steppers cut, leaves you with your jaw to the floor style thanks to the sheer quality of vocal's, song and production. "More" features another very under-rated act in the amazing Antony Hamilton, this slice of speaker melting summer sounding soul from two of the worlds hottest vocalists. Kanye West adds his weight to this album production wise in fine style on the Common featured "Bullseye". Jermaine Dupri adds the possibility of a cross over hit for Syleena with the track "Classic Love Song". Meanwhile "Phone Sex" offers a strong side of Ms Johnson's confident sexuality as a woman. Staying with the sensual stuff "Slowly" is a must. "Time" offers more classic feeling 2005 soulful grooves. "Still Open" is a real highlight on what is a real strong album, lyrically this is a classic and deserves to be such. More strong song-writing comes via outstanding tracks "Another Relationship" and "Leave Me Alone". On the hard hitting funkier tip "Apartment For Rent". To finish off this amazing album, the oh so powerful, pro woman song that must be able to lift any woman no matter how low they might feel. The track "Only A Woman" is so strong lyrically and production wise you need a power vocal to match it and trust me Syleena delivers. Quite simply for sheer quality this is one of the albums of the year 

Syleena Johnson Chapter 3: The Flesh Album


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