The Whatever You Like hitmaker signed Azalea to his Grand Hustle Records label in 2012 and supported her during her rise to the top in the U.S.

Over the past year, T.I. has come to the defence of Azalea amid a number of controversies, including her decision to cancel her U.S. tour in order to give herself a "mental break", and social media feuds with fellow rappers Q-Tip, Azealia Banks and Snoop Dogg.

However, in a new interview with New York City radio station Hot 97, T.i. admitted he has not had much contact with the Fancy singer in recent month, saying, "After the Q-Tip thing... after I smoothed it over. Everything was cool and then they came back and undid. It's not that I got tired of cleaning it up.

"I'm loyal partner and if I rock with you, I rock with you. Right or wrong... But right now, I'm block the bullets (sic), but when I say go... go. Just go (sic). Don't stand around and talk while I'm blocking bullets. I just feel 'they' (Azalea's team) needed some time to adjust."