Review of Louder Now Album by Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday
Louder Now
Warner Bros
Album Review

Taking Back Sunday Louder Now Album

After a great summer supporting Green Day in the UK, and a load of success for their emo-punk skater-boy rock, Louder Now moves on the trademark intertwining vocal/ multiple lead guitar rock pop sound with great effect. The band's last album hit No 3 on the Billboard charts; Louder Now is a ton better than that album, with a great deal of maturity and muscle toning up the sound to a full tight rock sound. There's no fat, no wasted energy. The presence of Queens of the Stone Age producer Eric Valentine clearly helps enormously, moving Taking Back Sunday from 'could-be's to 'should-be's on the back of some great songs and great playing.

Mike Rea
Adult Contemporary Essentials