Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 3, titled “Mingling Its Own Nature With It”, contained a lot of plots and one very big revelation. Sarah, Felix and Kira’s trip didn’t last long, with Felix returning by the end of the episode, while Sarah was taken by Daniel Rosen at the end of the episode.

Tatiana Maslany Orphan BlackTatiana Maslany plays Sarah in "Orphan Black"

Along the way a new character, Cal, appears, played by Dutch actor Michiel Huisman. So, the big revelation is that Cal is Kira’s father, his initial response “Is this a scam?” very quickly followed by warm acceptance of his daughter.

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Felix’s quick departure was a bit of an anti-climax and a regression in character development. Abandoning his sister and niece despite recognising the danger that they may potentially be in (with a pretty half-hearted excuse) just didn’t seem to fit.

There’s a bit of a question mark hanging over Hank and his more than slightly unnerving adoption of Helena. The whole hand-strapping thing was chill-central.

Alison’s musical “Blood Ties” may finally have drawn to a close, particularly since she's taken a little trip…right off the stage!

Felix Jordan GavarisFelix, played by Jordan Gavaris, leaves his sister and niece in the episode

Cosima got a look at Jennifer’s recordings, a touching moment as she watches another clone die, a fate she fears may be her’s aswell.

Overall, a lot went down in "Mingling Its Own Nature With It."  What did you make of the episode?

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