Tatiana Maslany hopes to keep "turning things on their head' in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law'.

The 37-year-old actress plays the lead role in the Disney series, and Tatiana has revealed what she'd like to see in a potential season two of the show.

Asked what she'd like to see for her character in the next season, Tatiana told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's so hard for me to say, because the thing that drew me to this part initially was the fact that I didn't predict it, that it was bucking the expectations that I had. I kind of was resistant to these superhero shows for so long, because I didn't connect to them personally.

"But then Jen/She-Hulk came along and I was like, 'This is hilarious, and this is weird, and this feels like something I would care about'.

"So as long as it has that irreverent, unexpected, turning-things-on-their-head quality to it, I don't care what it is. As long as it's challenging and surprising."

Rap star Megan Thee Stallion made a cameo appearance in season one of the show.

And Ginger Gonzaga - who plays the part of Nikki Ramos - previously described Megan as a "fascinating person".

She shared: "We were really kind of campaigning to get her on the show - Jameela [Jamil] knows her, so that was very helpful.

"I was just in shock when I met her, like, she's so cool and so interesting ... She's really this regal, smart, wonderful actor, and really funny and just powerful, like, what a fascinating person and artist."

Ginger didn't actually shoot a scene with the 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker. But she was determined to meet her nevertheless.

Ginger said: "We obviously all snuck on to set that day and it was remarkable."