Actor Taylor Kitsch considers box office bombs John Carter and Battleship a "blessing in disguise" because he's no longer tied down to any potential sequels.
The Friday Night Lights TV star was tipped for big screen success earlier this year (12) thanks to the anticipated releases of science fiction film John Carter and naval war movie Battleship, but each largely flopped with fans.
Yet the 31 year old insists there's a silver lining behind both disappointments - his schedule is open to any opportunity that comes his way.
He tells the Associated Press, "Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that it died, and I'm not tied to these things for the next 10 years. I'm free to do whatever I want now. If I want to do something in January, February, March, April, I don't have to go through two studios to be greenlit."
However Kitsch refuses to look back on the failed projects with regret, adding, "I feel I grew an immense amount as an actor. On so many levels, it tested me. I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn't take any of those choices back. I love what I'm doing. I've started to get excited again, and I think, obviously, it was hard on me that they didn't work. You have bosses, we all have bosses, you want to do well for them. But I gave everything I had."