The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen recorded her ex-porn star friend, Jenna Haze, having an orgasm for their song 'Follow Me Down'. The saucy sound can be heard at the introduction to the song, although former 'Gossip Girl' actress Momsen reveals that it was actually faked. just for the song.

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The 20-year-old actress and singer spoke to 'Revolver' magazine to say: ''I don't want to give her personal life away away but... she super helped me out. She's one of my very close friends.'' She went on to explain how the sounds were "a performance" that 31-year-old Haze provided, so those looking for footage to match up with the audio, would be disappointed. ''It's a performance... [that's] one of a kind, so don't go looking for that on the Internet.''

The two have reportedly been friends for a while now, with a series of saucy interactions between them in the past. In 2012, both Momsen and Haze appeared in a topless photo shoot of 'FHM' magazine. In the same year, The Pretty Reckless performed a gig at the Los Angeles based House of Blues, during which Haze got up onstage to give a lap dance to Momsen, before the two shared a passionate kiss on the stage.