With Christmas Day (December 25th) right around the corner, we imagine countless families will be rooting through their drawers of DVDs to pull out modern classics, including The Grinch, which stars Jim Carrey in the titular role and a very young Taylor Momsen as six-year-old Cindy Lou.

Taylor Momsen performing in Milan with The Pretty Reckless, 2017 Picture Credit: NurPhoto/PA ImagesTaylor Momsen performing with The Pretty Reckless in Milan, 2017 / Picture Credit: NurPhoto/PA Images

Adorable from the moment you meet her, she’s the youngster responsible for melting the Grinch’s heart of ice, bringing him into the community of Whoville despite his confronting green furry skin, vicious personality and multiple attempts to steal Christmas from the jolly town.

Take a look at Momsen today, and you’d be forgiven for not recognising her as the child who bewitched us all back in 2000.

Momsen’s acting career continued into her teen years, as she was cast in The CW’s teen drama series Gossip Girl. There, she played Jenny Humphrey across four full seasons, before making a guest appearance in the show’s final outing.

During her time on the series however, Momsen was contemplating going down a very different career path entirely. A transformation was taking place, from sweet little Cindy Lou to hard rock vocalist, as the multi-talented performer became the front-woman of the band The Pretty Reckless, officially formed in 2009.

With her real-life style changing, so did that of her Gossip Girl character, who traded in her cutesy outfits for dark leather jackets, black tights and mesmerising makeup. Finally realising she was being allowed full control of her life, with producers on the series fully backing her decision to leave the series and chase her dreams, she trod a path that nobody would have been able to predict.

Though some thought this move was just a ‘phase’, Momsen has used the past decade to prove she’s completely serious about making the music industry her full-time career.

Alongside The Pretty Reckless, she has three studio album releases under her belt, with the group looking forward to launching their fourth, Death by Rock and Roll, in February 2021.

"After years of putting our blood sweat and tears into the recording I'm SO EXCITED for you all to hear it," she wrote on Twitter earlier this month. She’s not the only one. Fans have been clambering for new music ever since the record’s first single - which went by the same name of the LP - dropped in May 2020.

Now promoting the upcoming record with their second slice from the collection, 25, it’s clearer than ever before that this is a group who evolve with the times.

Year one, was lots of fun” Momsen croons to kickstart the heavenly single, “but nothin’ lasts forever in my dreams / Two, I followed you / Because you knew the way or so it seemed”.

On continues the retrospective song with the count, stunning with the emotional vulnerability on display and an infectious chorus, in a track that sounds unlike anything they’ve released in the past.

Let’s hope that with these new releases, the UK market will start to take notice once more and send the band back blazing up the charts. They’re more than deserving of the acclaim.

The Pretty Reckless drop their fourth studio album, Death By Rock and Roll, on February 12th 2021.

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