Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry round 458 (probably)! The ‘Shake It Off’ singer suspects that her nemesis Katy Perry is the mastermind behind Miley Cyrus’ recent criticisms of her.

An unnamed insider told HollywoodLife on Saturday (August 15th) that Swift believes Perry has somehow incited Miley to attack her. Cyrus has recently spoken of her distaste for Tay’s ‘Bad Blood’ music video, criticising it for being “violent”, and has recently hinted that she and her current boyfriend Calvin Harris will be the prime targets of her upcoming MTV VMAs performance on August 30th.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has been the target of Miley Cyrus' criticisms in the last week or so

“Taylor is very suspicious that Katy’s behind Miley’s attack on her, she blames her,” the source says. “She knows Miley and Katy hang out and she knows Katy still talks so much trash about her, she knows she tries to turn people against her. She thinks Miley is just a pawn in Katy’s game, she feels sorry for her.”

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A few days ago, another source told HollywoodLife that 22 year old Cyrus won’t be holding anything back during her VMAs show, so perhaps we can expect a few subtle (or not so subtle) digs at Swift. “Miley is dead set on providing a show that people won’t stop talking about. She will be outrageous, funny, and really push the envelope as long as it shocks people and makes headlines."

Katy PerryTaylor suspects that Katy Perry is behind it all

Miley was also one of the people who turned on Swift following the Twitter altercation with Nicki Minaj after the VMA nominations were announced at the end of July. Could Katy possibly be behind all of this?

Then again, most people will probably be siding with Cara Delevingne on this one – the British model just wants everybody to get along! The 23 year old model is friends with both Taylor and Miley, and according to HollywoodLife: “she hates when people don’t get along. She’s trying to get them to talk and work it out.” Amen to that.

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