There are two ways to deal with a break up. The first option is to sit at home for days on end, not changing out of pyjamas and crying into an enormous bowl of cereal, or you go on a 58 day tour of the US. Guess which one Taylor Swift has gone for. 

That's right, Taylor Swift after breaking up with Connor Kennedy- always making good, lucrative decisions- has announced a mammoth tour across North America, and will be bringing beloved Brit Ed Sheeran along for the ride, reports E!. The tour will begin in Nebraska's Omaha on March 13th next year (2012) and continue for a solid 6 months, until three celebratory dates in September (19th-21st), in her hometown of Nashville. Despite it being a 58-date tour, she wont be making it to all 50 states in America. However she will power through 45 cities in 29 states, alongside Ed Sheeran who features on her new album 'Red' with a song called 'Everything Has Changed'. 

No doubt she is hoping to top the enormous success of last years 'Speak Now' which amassed almost $100m, making it the second highest grossing tour of America last year. She wrote about the upcoming your on her website. "I didn't think I could be any more excited about my RED album, but then I start thinking about how I'm going to put the new show together for The RED Tour," She said. "I have so many ideas about how to really bring this music to life, and I can't wait to share the new show with all my fans!"