Taylor Swift has cleared up the fan theory that a third album in the 'folklore' series called 'Woodvale' is on the way.

Back in July, eagle-eyed Swifties - the name Taylor gave to her fanbase - noticed the word 'Woodvale' on the right hand corner of an alternate cover art for 'folklore'.

And since the release of its sister record 'evermore' last week, many had suggested it could mean 'Woodvale' would complete a trilogy of albums.

However, the 'Look What You Made Me Do' hitmaker has now denied this to be the case and explained that 'Woodvale' is in fact the codename they gave her top-secret LP 'folklore', and they'd simply forgotten to remove the title from the fake cover she made.

Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', Taylor said: "I tend to be sort of annoyingly secret agent-y about dropping clues and hints and Easter eggs, and it's very annoying.

"But it's fun for fans, and it's fun for me, because they like to pick up on things, and they'll notice lots of things in music videos or photos or whatever. And then sometimes I take it too far, and I make a mistake."

The 31-year-old singer continued: "When I was making 'folklore', I was too afraid to even reveal the title of my album to my closest teammates and management. I didn't tell anybody the album until right before it came out. And so I came up with a fake code name that had the same amount of letters as 'folklore'. Chose a random name... chose 'Woodvale'.

"[I] wanted to see how it would look on the album covers, mocked them up, and then decided I don't actually want to have an album title on the album covers. And we forgot to take the fake code name off of one of them."