Theatre director Anne-Louise Sarks is due to open her latest production Seventeen this week (beg03Aug15) with the Belvoir St Theatre company in Sydney, Australia.

During a key scene in the show, elderly actors playing teenagers dance around to Swift's hit, but after weeks of rehearsals, Sarks was denied use of the song just a day before opening night on Tuesday (04Aug15).

Sarks reached out to Swift on to explain their dilemma, and her social media campaign #greygrey4taytay gained momentum, with Hollywood actor Crowe contacting Swift on their behalf.

He wrote, "The Belvoir St theatre company in Sydney is a very cool independent co (company), they need your assistance, they want... your help. A song in a play.They are cool, you are cool, your songs are cool, can't all this coolness just get along?"

Australian entertainer Minchin also spread the word by asking Swift's pal Ed Sheeran to help, and with hours to go before the show opened, Swift wrote to the theatre company, "Permission granted, @BelvoirSt. Good luck with your opening night..."

A message posted on the Belvoir St account reads, "A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who tweeted #greygrey4taytay. Thank you @taylorswift13, we are officially joining the fan club!" and the company appeared in a video thanking Swift.