Yes, Taylor Swift has done it again. The 25-year-old ‘Shake It Off’ singer has taken the next step on the ladder to sainthood. There’s not a week goes by when we don’t hear of Swift’s generosity in giving to those less fortunate in health or wealth. She doesn’t quite have miraculous healing powers (not just yet anyway) but, earlier this week, Swift certainly put a smile on the face of a 6-year-old girl battling cancer.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift at the 57th Grammy Awards in February 2015.

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The meeting between Swift and the 6-year-old in question, Taylor Rayburn, was arranged by Swift’s mother, Andrea. According to reports on MSN, Andrea was seated not too far away from Taylor at Swift’s concert in Atlanta on Saturday (24th October). Andrea asked Taylor (with her mother’s permission) if she would like to meet Swift backstage.

Taylor, obviously a huge fan of Swift, agreed and was overjoyed when she got to meet her idol in person. Taylor is battling a rare form of kidney cancer and spent her sixth birthday in hospital in Alabama. Taylor’s mother got the tickets for Swift’s concert as a surprise but they didn’t expect to meet Swift.

Taylor’s mother shared a picture of her daughter and Swift together on Twitter on Sunday (25th October). Swift also shared a picture of their meeting on her Twitter, including it in one of the highlights of her concert in Atlanta.

This isn’t the only time Swift has demonstrated her generosity. This year alone, Swift has paid off the student loan debts of one of her fans and gave $50,000 to the nephew of one of her backing dancers to pay for his cancer treatment. 

Let’s not forget, Swift knows first-hand how difficult a cancer diagnosis is both on the patient and their family. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and Swift addressed the diagnosis on a blog post, urging her fans to ask their parents to get regular health checks. 

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