Taylor Swift admits ''her life is strange'' because of her worldwide fame.

The 'Shake It Off' singer accepts her existence is very different to normal people but she doesn't think the pressure of being scrutinised constantly will have an adverse affect on her like many of pop peers.

Taylor thinks she'll be able to cope with it because she tries to remain as grounded as possible.

In the new issue of Germany's Glamour magazine, she said: ''I don't think I will go crazy, because I admit to myself that my life is strange and not normal. Sometimes it feels unfair, but when I get home to my New York apartment - which I still cannot believe that I can actually afford - then it no longer feels so unfair to me.''

Although she attracts much intrigue because of her love life, Taylor thinks she doesn't get hassled as much as some other female musicians because she doesn't court controversy like many of them.

The pop superstar - who is currently dating Calvin Harris - said: ''Every artist has other priorities. Every woman falls back on other things, about which they feel strongly about. Many want to be eccentric, cool or bored. That's fantastic if you have a do not care attitude. But that's not mine.''