Taylor Swift and the CMAs – it’s a match made in heaven and one that continues to reap accolades for the young singer. Ahead of tonight’s show, Swift is up for six whole awards. And while she is a favorite to win big (yet again) Taylor also has one in the bag already. The Country Music Association has decided to also honor the singer with the Pinnacle Award for her success, E! News reports. The world may change, but it's reassuring to know that the Country Music Awards still belong to Swift. There can be little argument about that. 

The Pinnacle Award is a special distinction, given to artists, who have achieved international success and recognition, as well as record sales of country music. Since country is usually quite a region-specific genre, the award is a very rare honor, given to only the most successful of performers. To give you a bit of perspective, the only other Pinnacle Award laureate is Garth Brooks, after the award was created in 2005. So it's all very exciting for the young singer, who has achieved unparalleled success with her most recent album, RED, and the subsequent sold out tour. 

Besides the distinction, Taylor is also nominated for Entertainer, Female Vocalist, Album, Song, Music Video, Musician and Musical Event of the Year, with the song, video and event nominations being for her work on the Tim Mcgraw song Highway Don’t Care. Blake Shelton is the other favorite, with five nominees. The awards will be broadcast tonight at 6pm PST on ABC.

Taylor Swift, BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards
There's no doubt - the world is at Taylor's stilettoed feet.