Taylor Swift is planning to go on tour in spring 2013.

The 22-year-old singer is eager to get back on the road and she has already got some ''big moments'' in mind for when she plays tracks from her forthcoming album 'Red'.

She said: ''I really want to go out on the road in the spring. After I write a song, I always end up laying awake at night thinking, 'What are the lighting cues going to be on this? How big is the pit going to be?'

''I have been thinking of some big moments that are going to happen.''

Taylor has poured her heart into her lyrics for 'Red' - which is released on October 22 - and while she tends to write very emotive songs most of the time, she admits it was particularly ''challenging'' to pen tracks for her fourth studio album because she has been to so many ''dark places'' recently.

The blonde beauty added to Rolling Stone magazine: ''I went through a few roller coasters. Trying to chronicle each step of the way was challenging, because you go to some really dark places with the lyrics. Then in the next track, you're talking about how amazing it is to meet somebody new.''

Taylor's forthcoming album is to feature a duet with British singing sensation Ed Sheeran as well as her latest single 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'.