The dispute hit headlines in July (15) when the rapper took issue with her Anaconda promo being snubbed for a Video of the Year nomination for the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), and she embarked on a rant about race.

Nicki insisted she was snubbed because her clip did not feature "women with very slim bodies" and Taylor felt the tirade was aimed at her, prompting an argument on

Taylor later apologised to the Pound the Alarm singer on the phone, and they buried the hatchet with a joint performance at the awards show in August (15).

The Shake It Off singer refused to discuss their row in an interview with Britain's NME magazine, but confessed she has learned her lesson and will now deal with problems privately in the future.

"I don't want to talk about it," she said. "But I send text messages now. If there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding, I go to someone's management, I get their number and I text them. It's an important lesson for anyone to learn in 2015."

Taylor also mentioned her past feud with Kanye West, following his interruption of her VMAs acceptance speech in 2009, and how he admitted he was wrong to pull a similar stunt when Beck collected the Album of the Year award for Morning Phase at the 2015 Grammys.

"Me and Kanye are on such good terms now, six years later," Taylor adds. "It took a while... But I had to tell Beck this story earlier. I was at dinner with Kanye a week after the Grammys, he stops what he's saying and he goes, 'What is this song? I need to listen to this every day.' I said, 'It's Beck, it's on an album called Morning Phase, I think you've heard of it...' We just burst out laughing. And he says, 'Hey, sometimes I'm wrong.'"