Actress Tea Leoni was horrified to discover she has exactly the same body type as late hippie TV icon Sonny Bono when she tried on one of his old costumes.

Leoni and Fun With Dick And Jane co-star Jim Carrey decided it would be amusing if one scene, which required them to dress up as SONNY AND CHER, was twisted so that Carrey would be Cher and Leoni Bono.

But when the costumes arrived, Carrey looked dreadful in Cher's outfits, while Bono's costumes were a perfect fit for Leoni.

She explains, "They brought over (celebrity designer) BOB MACKIE's design of Sonny Bono's actual suits and I put them on and it was like kind of creepy because, I am Sonny Bono.

"There was no length of the sleeve alterations, not a pinch going in at the a**, nothing. I fit this guy's clothes perfectly."

The co-stars were able to make sure their Sony and Cher costumes were authentic because the costume designer on their new movie was the same person who organised the 1960s duo's wardrobe.