Last August Tea Leoni and David Duchovny officially ended their 17-year marriage for good as they reportedly got divorced three years after splitting up, and six months on the 48-year-old actress is truly happy as a single woman.

Tea Leoni
Duchovny and Leoni finalized their divorce in August 2014

While speaking with More magazine's March issue, of which she features on the front cover, Leoni opens up about life after divorce and finally coming to terms with getting older, which is something she used to constantly worry over.

"Thankfully, I've moved past all that. Chasing youth is a war I'm not going to win," the 'Jurassic Park 3' actress told the mag. "It's not like I'm thrilled to turn around and catch my can in the mirror, but I can see now how much of my happiness could be a victim of trying to stay young and desirable. And it feels like peace and victory to be relieved of that burden."

Leoni described her current relationship status as "divorced and liking it, thank you," but she also stated that herself and Duchovny are still successfully co-parenting their two children, daughter Madelaine West, 15, and son Kyd Miller, 12.

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In fact, the exes are on very amicable terms and talk almost every day, they even shared a rental home with all of their family over the Christmas period. But this doesn't mean the pair's current relationship is always smooth sailing.

"On occasion, I want to throttle him," she admitted. "But in any real relationship with someone you love, that's true."

One thing that definitely wasn't easy was the media attention her and Duchonvy's public divorce attracted. From now on Leoni will "never speak again" about her private relationships, "especially after what it did to my kids."

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Because of this, the 'Madam Secretary' actress' main focus is her children. "People tell me I've never really made it. They say, 'You don't have an Oscar,'" she said. "There's not an accolade in Hollywood that could replace time with my kids. At this stage of my life, it's not about contentment. Or appealing to 20-year-olds. Or awards. It's about finding something more. As I tell my daughter, 'Hear your voice first.'"