Actress Tea Leoni refuses to work with husband David Duchovny on a movie project again after his directorial debut turned into a real challenge for her.

Leoni stars in comedy House of D, and admits the film was a nightmare because she found herself doing what she could just to make her husband happy.

She says, "I keep thinking, 'I'm going to ruin his movie.' I never want to do this again.

"I didn't feel free as an artist. I felt like the wife who wants to make this perfect for her husband."

Leoni says Duchovny felt the same kind of restrictions as her director.

She adds, "We're going to get home and get into bed, and what else is he going to say if he ever wants to have intimacy again in his married life but, 'Honey, you were amazing.'"

10/10/2003 02:38