Viewers of Sunday's Teen Choice Awards took to Twitter with the hashtag #TeensDontHaveAChoiceAwards when one of the runners up posted a tweet revealing that the voting system was rigged.

Tyler Oakley at 2014 Teen Choice Awards
Tyler Oakley won the award for Choice Web Star: Male

Disgruntled Vine 'celebrity' Cameron Dallas complained to his followers when YouTube personality Tyler Oakley won the award for Choice Web Star: Male. Despite winning the Choice Viner award, Dallas, who has 3.31 million followers on Twitter, was shocked and appalled when the coveted Web Star award went to Oakley who has only 2.85 million followers.

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After losing out on his potential second award, Dallas tweeted about his first, saying "It's funny how they told me I won the viner award 6 days before the voting ended and made the runners up still vote to tweet for them." This tweet was followed a minute later with one simply saying "smh" - an acronym for 'Shaking My Head', usually used in order to express disbelief towards stupidity.

A final tweet from Dallas stated: "[Oakley] already knew he was going to win that's why he didn't promote and that's why he didn't seem surprised". The tweets were later deleted, although not before being copied and posted across Twitter. One post showed the three tweets with a caption reading "The TACs are rigged" and the now trending hashtag. This was later used by The Washington Post in their coverage.

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As further griping nominees joined the protest, another Vine 'star' tweeted that the winners were chosen six days prior to the end of the voting, and the runners up were encouraged to continue promoting themselves in order to advertise the ceremony itself. As viewers began to get up in arms about their favourite teenage internet personalities being tricked out of awards, the message #TeensDontHaveAChoiceAwards spread like wildfire, accompanied by outcries like "they let us believe we can make a difference but its all just a hoax. well now we are making a difference" and "well never watching the tcas ever again that's for sure".

Selena Gomez at the Teen Choice Awards 2014
Selena Gomez won the Ultimate Choice award at the TCAs

What infuriated the discontented viewers further was the fact that last year's show ended with a disclaimer stating that the winners were ultimately decided by the producers of the show. No surprise there; the TCAs isn't even the first award show to come under fire for being supposedly rigged this year...

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