Teresa Giudice may be safely behind bars for the next fifteen months but it hasn't stopped fans speculating about her.

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice has spent her first six days in prison and is "doing well" according to her lawyer.

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Giudice reported to prison on Monday (5th January) to begin a fifteen month sentence for a number of fraud charges. Over the festive period, Giudice appeared to have accepted her fate and certainly looked cheerful whilst attending a number of family events including her daughter's holiday concert and a family New Year's Eve party. Some sources have claimed she was in denial about heading to prison but reality, after five days in jail, has presumably set in. 

So, how is she coping with life behind bars?

Well, fans shouldn't be too concerned as the 42-year-old is reportedly "doing great". Her lawyer, speaking to Perez Hilton, issued a statement in which he claimed his client is in regular contact, is "acclimatising well" and has even started making friends!

"She's doing great. I got a series of emails from her and she is doing phenomenally. It seems like she is getting acclimated very well," Giudice's lawyer James L. Leonard Jr. said. "She tells me that everybody is nice and everybody is treating her respectfully. She said both the staff and the inmates are being nice to her and that she is getting along fine."

It's not only her fans who are concerned but a cosmetics company which has come out in support of the former Real Housewives star, as TMZ reports. PRIV is an online app which connects customers with beauticians and hairdressers and they've used their expertise to research some beauty hacks for women behind bars. They reportedly sent Giudice a letter letting her know how to keep up appearances with limited resources. 

So, if Giudice is still concerned about her appearance whilst in prison, there are a few things she can do. Vaseline can apparently be used to exfoliate ones lips. The company have suggested Giudice gently exfoliate her lips by using some Vaseline on a toothbrush. Whilst another suggestion is using oatmeal and coffee beans as a face mask!

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