To say that ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ cast member Teresa Giudice’s life has changed drastically in the past three months would be a massive understatement. The reality star has gone from leading a life of luxury to serving time behind bars in a Connecticut federal prison. Now for the first time since beginning her sentence in January, Giudice has been pictured alongside her family as she opens up about her new life.

Teresa GiudiceTeresa Guidice is currently leading a much less glamorous life.

Giudice appears on the cover of US Weekly beside her husband Joe and the couple’s daughters in a picture taken in the visitation room at the Danbury prison where she is currently serving her 15-month sentence.

The 42 year old looks almost unrecognisable when compared to her usual glamorous appearance on the Bravo show. Wearing a green prison jumpsuit, gone is Giudice’s heavy make-up and she now sports a shorter, curly hairstyle.

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Opening up about visiting his wife since her incarceration, Joe Giudice told US Weekly, "I cry more than the girls. I pretty much cry every time I leave. Like a little baby.” However Joe adds that his wife puts on a brave face for him and the couple’s four daughters every time they make the 80 mile drive to visit her. "She comes out with her smile, with a little wave," he said.

When asked about Teresa new daily routine Joe revealed, ”She exercises after every meal. It's like a low-budget spa. They do spin classes, ab classes. She's getting pretty ripped up.”

Speaking through her lawyer Teresa told the magazine, "I miss Joe and my girls terribly. We will be stronger because of this. Nothing can break us apart.”

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While the reality star's attorney James. J. Leonard Jr. added, ”Everyone I encounter—from the inmates to the staff—tell me the Teresa they have come to know is nothing like the Teresa they've seen on television.” Teresa Giudice covers the latest edition of US Weekly, out this Friday (April 3rd).