Terrence Howard has testified to smoking pot and taking ecstasy with his ex-wife.

The 'Empire' star has admitted in court that he and second spouse Michelle Ghent would watch porn, smoke marijuana, do cocaine and take ecstasy together during their brief marriage.

However, he insists he has turned his life around since splitting from Michelle, from whom his divorce was finalised in May 2013.

According to TMZ, he said: ''I refuse to get high, I refuse to watch porn.''

The star is currently involved in a court case to overturn the settlement of his divorce from Michelle. His ex-wife is seeking higher spousal support payments, claiming $5,800 a month isn't enough.

Meanwhile, it's also emerged that Terrence, 46, has now divorced his third wife Mira Pak, whom he married in October 2013. According to the New York Daily News, a lawyer in the ongoing trial referred to Mira as his ''ex-wife'' while he was giving evidence.

A source later told the newspaper the divorce was granted in Chicago.

The couple have a three-month-old son Qirin Love.

While Terrence didn't confirm the divorce in his testimony, he was confronted with recorded telephone calls to Michelle just days after his marriage to Mira.

In one call from October 2013 he reportedly professed his love for Michelle, saying: ''I will never love someone like I loved you. You are my dream of all time.''

Quizzed why he married Mira if he still loved his second wife, Terrence said: ''I've got a chance to be OK and to just settle.''

Terrence previously claimed in court that he signed his divorce settlement with Michelle under duress as she threatened to leak embarrassing footage of him, as well as audio of him engaging in phone sex with other women.

Michelle's lawyer asked Terrence why he said he loved her in an October 2013 phone call when he claimed she tried to extort him just a year earlier.

He responded: ''I loved her, and I was afraid of her also.''