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23rd September 2014

Tweet: "Congratulations @TerriSeymour and Clark. Me and Lauren are very excited for you both. If it's a boy you can call him simon." Simon Cowell congratulates his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour on her pregnancy news. Seymour is expecting her first child with her model boyfriend Clark Mallon.

11th August 2009

Quote: "I'd like to think I'll find someone to have a baby with, and that definitely won't be Simon. Even for us, that would be just too weird." Terri Seymour is adamant she won't have kids with her ex-boyfriend and best pal Simon Cowell.

10th August 2009

Quote: "We do still speak every day. We'll often speak to each other five, even 10 times a day. He still has tons of photos of me all round his house!" Terri Seymour reveals she is still close to American Idol star Simon Cowell following their split last year (08).

9th December 2007

Quote: "I think he thinks all women fancy him! He probably does think Paula (Abdul) fancies him. Paula's a good friend so we laugh about it." Simon Cowell's girlfriend Terri Seymour reveals the full extent of the music mogul's ego.

18th July 2007

Quote: "He loves cartoons, particularly The Jetsons and Sylvester the Cat. That's about as exciting as it gets." Simon Cowell's girlfriend Terri Seymour reveals the music mogul's taste in TV viewing.

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