Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri’s house is haunted.

The 'Say What You Want' singer lives in Primrose Hill in London with her celebrity chef husband Bryn Williams and her daughter Misty Kyd - whose father is Ashley Heath - and the family also share their home with a female spectre who sits at their kitchen table, sometimes on her own and sometimes with a young boy.

But Sharleen is not scared about having supernatural lodger and she always says hello to the friendly ghost.

She said: “I’ve seen a ghost. There’s ghosts in my kitchen in my house in London, literally sits at the end of the table, it’s a woman and a small boy. It’s really weird, and I’m not the only person whose seen it, my mum saw it the first time she walked in the house, she went, ‘You realise there’s a woman sitting at the end of your table?’ I went, ‘I know, some days she’s there, some days she’s not.’ About five people have walked in my house and took a double take. There used to be a small room and we knocked the wall down and that small room became part of the kitchen, and this woman sits at the end of the big, long table.

“I haven’t seen her for a long time, mind you. I just go, ‘Alright.’ I always say hello, my mum always told me to be nice to spirits, so I’m going to be nice to spirits because my mother told me, and I always do what my mum tells me. It’s a nice one, it’s not a s****y one.”

Sharleen, 53, has been seeing spirits her entire life, and when she was a child she was haunted by creepy man when she lived in Glasgow with her parents.

She added: “I used to have one when my uncle died years ago, I would have been about six or something. I was really close to my uncle, he was an amazing painter, he was an artist, he was killed in a swimming accident.

“For a year after my uncle was killed I used to come off my bunk bed and come down the big long hall in my house in Glasgow – we lived in a tenement with a big long hall – to use the toilet and I would come belting back after using it. My mum was like, ‘What is it?’ They took me to see a psychiatrist and everything as a kid, because I started wetting the bed as well. I kept seeing this man, some days he was a really nice man and he was all white and glowy and lovely, and mum would come down the hall and I’d be sat having a conversation with somebody. Other times not.”