Thandie Newton believes there are no rules to parenting.

The busy actress has two daughters Ripley, 11, and Nico, seven, with her director spouse Ol Parker and Thandie - who admits when her husband is away working she allows the girls to stay up late so they can all spend time together - tries not to follow the conventional rules of being a mother.

She explained: "I try to be a mirror instead of impressing myself on them all the time. I take responsibility for my actions, explain to them, 'The reason I'm rushing is' or 'It's not you fault I'm upset.'

"But if I come across even remotely annoyed with them, I do get, 'All right mummy' and I think, 'Jesus, you have no idea what real rage is.'"

While Thandie is known for championing British designers, she revealed her daughters love dressing up, something she had no interest in when she was younger.

She told Style magazine: "They're into styling more than fashion. Dressing up. I wasn't like that when I was younger. Not at all. I was in a lot of denial about my appearance when I was younger so I certainly wouldn't have wanted to draw attention to myself. Maybe I'm making up for it now."