The 1975's album will be an ''ode to cassette tapes and Michael Jackson posters.''

The indie foursome are planning to incorporate all their different influences from across their lives into their debut album when it comes out later this year.

The band's Adam Hann said: ''On the EPs there's a lot of elements of shoegaze, of that kind of dreamy pop element and then there's a lot of R&B.

''With the album the idea of that was to try and almost make a cinematic soundtrack to our lives, so there's quite a lot of 80s pop in there and it's kind of an ode to cassette tapes and Michael Jackson posters and the nineties and stuff like that.''

The group - which also includes Matthew Healy, George Daniel and Ross MacDonald -released their third EP, 'Music For Cars' this week, and aimed for it to have a coherent concept behind it.

Matt said: ''I'm really proud of this record, I think we all are. I think it's one EP that's been written more as an EP than anything else.

''It's quite a concept, in its sound - there's a lot of things we're doing on that record and I'm excited for people to hear it.

''I know a lot of people I really respect, a lot of DJs, a lot of people we see as our contemporaries- they've been very, very complementary about it.''

The band are currently on tour through the UK Europe and the US and 'Music For Cars' is out now.