Review of K7 Mixtape Album by The Big Pink

The Big Pink's Milo Cordell follows in the footsteps of The Rapture and makes a mixtape for German electronic label !K7. !K7's concept behind the series leaves the chosen artist entirely responsible for delivering the complete package from the selection of tunes and the running order to providing the artwork. This is a great idea in concept but does it work? Lets take a peak.

The Big Pink K7 Mixtape Album

For The Big Pink's mixtape, Milo is said to have drawn on a selection of witch-core and electro-haunt bands. Confusing terms for those who are not au fait with these genres (or even sub-genres) but what the music contained in this mixtape amounts to is a kind of minimal spooky sounding electronica in which like all 'genres' the artists and tunes contained within are more varied than what the name tag really lets on and again like all genres, the music ranges from the interesting to the not-so-very-interesting. The mixtape also delves a bit further and showcases some synth pop and even a little dubstep makes a (welcome) appearance.

As all children from the 80s know, compiling a mixtape is an artform itself and can say very much about the person compiling. The music contained here is quite a confusing selection which at times is quite avant garde and at others can appear a little disturbing. Highlights of the album include Balam Acab's See Birds, oOoOO and Mumbai and Fantasy from the XX. This could have been so good, and could work well depending on which artist is selecting the tunes, but after hearing this I came away feeling a little confused. but maybe that was the point!


Scott Causer