Review of Word of Mouth Album by The Blueskins

The Blueskins

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The Blueskins - Word of Mouth - Album Review

The Blueskins

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is a stellar debut from Wakefield’s finest, The Blueskins.

Pure rock & roll is the order of the day from the first notes of “Bad Day” to the last shades of “Magpie Blues” and everything in between.

It’s hard to believe the Led Zep and Beatles inspired four piece have been established only two years. The band have toured seemingly

The Blueskins - Word of Mouth - Album Review

endlessly ever since and have built up an army of fans that won’t be disappointed in their transition from live sound to this polished album which manages to lose none of the raw energy they’ve become celebrated for.

Recent single ‘Change My Mind’, which missed out on a place in the top 40 by the merest of whiskers, is a classic example of the Blueskins at their best. The spirited vocals of frontman Ryan Spendlove are matched in oomph by Maff Smith on bass, Paul Brown on drums and Ritchie Townsend on guitars.

‘Stupid Ones” is the next single to be taken from the album. Released on May 3rd, it is a fantastic offering full of energetic harmonies and impressive riffs. Other highlights come in the shape of the hugely catchy skiffle ‘Ellie Meadows’ and the only slightly more chilled ‘Love Boat’. ‘Magpie Blues’ finishes the record and is the Blueskins at their best with its thrashing instrumentals.

In Word of Mouth’ The Blueskins have launched themselves as clear contenders for the crown of kings of retro rock and are set to give JET a run for their money. In their own words: ‘The Blueskins…no additives, just rock and roll with soul’.

Jude Stone