SEX & The City star John Corbett's first meeting with girlfriend Bo Derek was a blind date.
The actor has revealed the 10 star's name was among a group of leading ladies offered to him as potential dates to an Oscars party eight years ago - and her's was the only one he was interested in.
Corbett reveals, "My buddy is this great guy... Norby Walters... and he puts this big Oscar party on... He said, 'Come to the party?' and I said, 'I'm not really dating anyone right now,' and he said, 'I'll fix you up on a date.'
"So he slips this thing under my door with 20 really famous ladies on it. But one name that jumped out at me (was Bo Derek's). I put a one and a circle around it and stuck it back under his door and he called me up and said, 'One name, you give me one name?' - and that name was Bo Derek, and we have been together eight years now."