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The Coral Roots And Echoes Album

The band that gave us Dreaming Of You, Skeleton Key, Good Bye, Bill MaCai, Arabian Sands and In The Morning have finally returned. After being underground for so long The Coral have re-emerged from the depths of being forgotten. One of the hardest working bands going and with all the mentioned tracks probably one of the most underrated, the question is will that still be the case after the release of their new album Roots & Echoes?

So what do The Coral have to offer on their return, it seems that these guys have been around for ever, but with lead singer James Skelly (the oldest member) being at the ripe age of 26 you just know there is so much more too come from these guys.

Roots And Echoes is the new chapter into The Coral's ever-growing career, to be released 6th August 2007. What better way to kick off the album than with the fantastic first Single to come off the album, Who's Gonna Find Me. Typical Coral so much going on at once that you are unsure yourself what is going on, yet ever piece has been strategically paced to complete the jigsaw puzzle. In The Rain also gives off that typical Coral experience with the opening chords sounding like something from The Rolling Stones, upbeat and blasting every instrument out possible. This is what The Coral do best.

After chucking a few typical Coral sounds in The Coral take a whole new direction in the album with more mellow, heartfelt and sad songs. For the hardcore Coral fan this is where you might be a little disappointed. Cobwebs kick off with an acoustic guitar, and although Skelly's vocals are almost hypnotic it doesn't really hide the fact that there isn't a great deal to the song. We are then back to the girl's names in the shape of Rebecca You that again doesn't really stands out not like A Coral track should.

Musically these guys have still got it, with different things happening all at once, leaving you unable to realise what is really going on. It just seems that The Coral have gone for more tracks like Liza rather than the fabulous Calendars and Clocks or Goodbye etc. For the true Coral fan they will appreciate the album but inside, will be disappointed because when The Coral go for it, they don't know the meaning of holding back which is evident in their back catalogue. Sometimes we need to realise that bands evolve and rather than just play it safe, experiment a bit so hats off to The Coral.

James Skelly and gang don't get the recognition that they deserve, especially in the song-writing department. Although when you have the likes of Noel Gallagher and Alex Turner stating their love and appreciation for the band, that alone is the best recognition you could ask for. The only question is how will your guys react to the new stuff?

Mark Moore


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