British rockers The Cribs have been forced to pull out of California's Coachella music festival this weekend (16-18Apr10) - because all flights out of the U.K. have been grounded due to the ash clouds from a volcanic eruption in Iceland.
All non-emergency U.K. flights have been delayed until at least Friday morning (16Apr10), because of safety concerns over the ash clouds moving across Northern Europe following the eruption of the Mount Eyjafjallajokull volcano on Wednesday (14Apr10).
The Cribs were due to fly to Los Angeles on Thursday (15Apr10) from Britain, but their plane was cancelled at the last minute and they have no way of flying to California before their scheduled slot on Friday.
They are now hoping festival organisers will allow them to reschedule their gig and are so desperate to appear at Coachella, they're considering taking a ferry across the English Channel and driving hundreds of miles to Amsterdam, Holland to try and catch a flight from there.
Frontman Gary Jarman says, "I'd decided which films I was going to see (on the flight), chosen my meal and was just falling asleep then I got told we had to get off the plane. We're figuring out if we can change the day. We're contemplating driving all the way to Amsterdam now and taking a flight at 6am but the only flights they have are executive. It's a force of nature you can't really argue with that.
"I know there are a lot of British bands playing. I kind of hope a few other bands are having problems so we can steal their set time - I know that sounds selfish."
Welsh group Los Campesinos! and Scottish act Frightened Rabbit were also due to play at Coachella - but they have now been left scrambling to make alternative travel plans.