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Ten Underrated Rock Albums By Iconic Artists

Nine Inch Nails Dire Straits The Darkness Soundgarden

Throughout music's history regardless of genre, an immensely small number of names have managed to immortalise themselves with iconic songs. Fewer names still have earned an eternal fanbase thanks to an entire record and the band's that do are now hailed as some of the greatest musicians of all time. Bands such as The Beatles, Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, The Prodigy, Metallica and others have stayed in peoples minds and playlists long after their prime thanks to creating timeless records.

But a band's breakthrough, landmark and iconic record isn't always their best album. In some rare cases, a megastar band will release a record that fails to outshine their other albums, despite being undisputedly superior. This article will comb through the discography of several 'legacy' bands and identify the most underrated and overlooked records they ever released.

Dire Straits - Making Movies

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Splendour Festival 2016 - Live Review

Though bad weather usually curses outdoor events in Nottingham, summer finally decided to show its face on 23rd July and it has to of been one of the hottest days the city has had. 

Splendour Festival 2016 - Live Review

Once again, Wollaton Park played home to Splendour and it's perhaps not somewhere you would expect a festival to lie as it's a massive stately home where Deer freely roam the grounds, luckily the Deer don't seem to mind sharing the grounds for one day!

Splendour Festival is a very family friendly / orientated event that not only brings family and friends together but propels the younger generation onto the music scene and hopefully inspiring some to become budding new musicians.

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Justin Hawkins , The Darkness - Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins surfs into their headline slot at Boardmasters Festival - Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom - Sunday 9th August 2015

Justin Hawkins and The Darkness

The Darkness - Last Of Our Kind Album Review

Whether you ever liked them or not appears to be, at the point, completely beside the point. Having done that whole reunion thing, Britain's once most marmite rock act are back up to their old tricks again on album number four. When The Darkness got back together after a five year hiatus, they wowed crowds by being a well-oiled rock machine on the live circuit and releasing the fairly meat and potatoes, darkness by numbers 'Hot Cakes' LP. 'Last of Our Kind' affords the Darkness the opportunity to stretch their legs a little more, sonically speaking.

The Darkness - Last of Our Kind Album Review

The record opens with a dramatic scene setting monologue, before the huge, rumbling riff kicks proceedings off. This is exactly what you'd expect from The Darkness: a big strident rock belter with huge guitars and some signature falsetto. There probably isn't another band on the planet with multiple top 10 singles to their name who can announce the arrival of a roaring guitar solo by screaming "we are the sons of Ragnar", but by God that's why we love The Darkness.

Next up is 'Open Fire', which has a more refined, 80s rock feel taking in influences like The Cult. This number has chiming guitars and a deeper, more guttural vocal delivery which sounds like their time mentoring Foxy Shazam has rubbed off. One negative about 'Last of Our Kind' would be that largely, the lyrics aren't quite as marvellous as on previous efforts, but on 'Open Fire', the line "Gimme a hug on a sheepskin rug" showcases some classic Darkness humour.

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Mariah Carey Sings 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' On Jimmy Fallon; Plus, Our Top 5 Christmas Songs

Mariah Carey Leigh Francis The Darkness George Michael The Pogues Kirsty Mccoll David Bowie Bing Crosby

Mariah Carey ruddy loves reminding us that she sang one of the best known Christmas pop songs of all time. Just in case her original version of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' wasn’t played enough around this time of year as it was, she also decided to pop up wearing a really quite short Santa’s outfit alongside then 17 year-old Justin Bieber in re-do of the song last year.

So we were pretty firmly on Carey watch this year, just waiting to see when she’d pop up to offer yet another ‘fresh’ update on her ubiquitous track. And it happened with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots in tow. In fairness, the chat show host sort of asked for it; he was going to perform a version of the song anyway with rappers The Roots in tow on toy instruments. Trust Carey to want to get in on the act though; sure enough, after the slow intro, there she was in a red dress, admittedly still hitting the notes and taking center stage as the rest of them played amiably behind her. Reports that she’d rushed off soon after the show because her senses had picked up a family in the Tulsa region about to get going on their own karaoke version of the song in their living room remain unsubstantiated.

Check out Carey join Fallon and The Roots below; then scroll down to see our own festive top 5.

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Dan Hawkins, Justin Hawkins and The Darkness - Dan Hawkins, Ed Graham and Justin Hawkins of The Darkness Friday 14th September 2012 Celebrities outside the RTE Studios for 'The Late Late Show'

Dan Hawkins, Justin Hawkins and The Darkness

The Darkness, Manchester Academy Sunday, November 13, 2011 Live Review

When The Darkness disbanded in 2006 it ended a frantic three year period that culminated in the quartet becoming household names and tabloid darlings. Half a decade later they have returned with their original line up and are in the middle of a UK tour, following on from their Download Festival slot in the summer.

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