One of tragic The Doors star Jim Morrison's craziest nights is rarely discussed - because the damage he caused when he destroyed a recording studio was quickly covered up.
The group was recording its self-titled debut in 1966 at Sunset Sound in Hollywood when the rocker dropped acid after a long studio session and returned to put out an imaginary fire.
Engineer Bruce Botnik tells Mojo magazine, "He had an epiphany. He came back to the studio, thinking we were still there, but couldn't get into the control room. He turned over the ashtrays, then emptied the fire extinguisher because he thought they were on fire."
Elektra Records president Jac Holzman covered the cost of the damage quickly because he didn't want word to spread about his unruly new signings.
Holzman reveals studio boss Tutti Camarata was about to call the police: "I rushed over (there) and said, 'I agree, it's out of control. I'll pay for the damages."
And the music mogul admits that was the first of many incidents he was forced to clean up for Morrison.
He explains, "Jim was a guy who would test the limits. He was always seeing what he could get away with. Unfortunately, he got away with a lot."
Holzman tells the publication he never charged Morrison or The Doors for the cost of repairing the damage to Sunset Sound.