'She Smells So Nice' - a lost track by Los Angeles band The Doors hit the web on Monday (January 9, 2011), the group's first release of new music for over 40 years. Featuring vocals from the late Jim Morrison, 'She Smells So Nice' was discovered by producer Bruce Botnic, who helmed the band's famous L.A. Woman sessions.

Botnic came across the bluesy jam after reviewing the album's original session tapes for a new remastered project. The reasons for the song not making the final cut are fairly evident - Morrison's vocals sound muffled and a little over aggressive. The song, released on the Doors Facebook page, marks the 40th anniversary of L.A. Woman - the band's sixth and final studio album that featured seminal tunes like The Changeling, Love Her Madly and of course, the title track. The forthcoming two-disc reissue of the album - presumably the project Botnic was working on when discovering She Smells So Nice - will feature eight alternate versions of track such as Riders of the Storm and Love Her Madly. The Doors made an indelible mark on rock music history after rising to fame with their self-titled debut record in 1967. Following an explosive few years, frontman Morrison developed an alcohol and drug dependency and died in Paris in 1971 due to a suspected heroin overdose - he was 27.

According to the RIAA, the band have sold 35 million albums in the US alone and over 100 million worldwide.