Review of Cuts Across the Land Single by The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit
Cuts Across the Land
Single Review

The Duke Spirit Cuts Across the Land Single

Very few bands can get away with a strong female lead vocalist, in my opinion Blondie being the best and then the likes of Sleeper and Garbage and Elastica. With Sleeper and Elastica no more and Blondie nearing retiring age there seems to be a gap in the market for a new girl fronted band.

Have Duke Spirit got what it takes to plug that gap? I admit I did not enjoy this the first time I heard it but the second time I started to enjoy it and now I think its pretty damn good. Lead singer Liela Moss has an interesting voice, and this actually puts me in mind of Garbage, it has that rawness to it. Its not quite indie and its not quite as rock. This as a single however doesn't show the band's full potential, I think they could have some great tunes up their sleeve and I think they could be a band to watch out for. A must for fans of Garbage!

Joanne Nugent

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