Review of So Far Gone Single by The Early Years

The Early Years
So Far Gone
Single Review

The Early Years So Far Gone Single

Describing something in a press release as fuzzy yet melodic guitar pop is about as enticing as saying something is quite good. It's nice then to find that The Early Years are better than quite good. OK it is fuzzy yet melodic guitar pop, but then so were a million other failed indie bands. The Early Years manage to lift themselves above the competition with a fresh, invigorating sound that has elements of discernable influence without overt plagiarism.

This gets the head nodding, and brings a smile to the face – surely no mean feat in these dull days? The Early Years sound like a gloriously shiny trio on 'So Far Gone', with crashing waves of guitars and insistent beats.

'Rats' is a far more sombre, mellow affair initially, a sensitive ballad that builds to a wailing climax of feedback and blissful noise.

The Early Years have an album due in September – keep your ears peeled.

Richard Edge

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