Oscar winner William Friedkin's iconic Hollywood horror is rumoured to be the latest movie in line for a modern makeover.

However, Friedkin has come out in opposition to the remake.

After editors at Hitflix.com published an article reporting that Friedkin "doesn't seem particularly thrilled about the idea", he tweeted them a message, writing, "Dear HitFix... correction: I completely denounce a remake of The Exorcist by (production company) Morgan Creek."

Friedkin has previously suggested that producers at Morgan Creek, the film company rumoured to be behind the remake, do not have the rights to reboot the original, tweeting, "I mention it only in passing, but I don't believe Morgan Creek has rights to the original, only the so-called sequels."

The 1973 movie was a huge success, receiving 10 Academy Award nominations and winning two, and going on to establish itself as a movie classic.

However, the second film, Exorcist II: The Heretic, which returned Linda Blair to her role as possessed youngster Regan MACNeil, was deemed a critical and commercial flop.

The Exorcist III also failed to replicate the success of the first film following its release in 1990.