Review of Together We Were Made Album by The Feeling

As pop groups go, the general trend is that they get better and progress as they develop a fan base and grow into their niche. So how is it that you listen to 'Together We Are Made' and think, I'm sure people used to rate this band?!'

The Feeling Together We Were Made Album

The Feeling has had a number one ranking album, but you would never know it to hear this, their third release. Not one track would sound out of place on a really bad Disney Pixar soundtrack, and a substantial few could have been in the running for this year's Eurovision contest.

Take for example the first track, 'Set My World on Fire'. It screams out cheesy pop, reminiscent of a Eurovision qualifier. Yet we'd still probably get zero points! 'Dance For The Lights' continues with that happy love type track, with all the credibility of a CBeebies song. It's that over cheery take on the concept of relationships that would easily transfer to the part of a Disney film where they suddenly burst into song.

There is promise on the musical side of things with the track 'Another Life', where the fast beat and the jingle type anecdotes could offer a great foundation. However, The Feeling needs to rely on hooks and radio friendly chorus lyrics - Something they appear to have forgotten!

Tracks do become less tacky pop and more ballad like, but they lack sincerity. What could be a strong concept, is let down by being too flat. Nothing grabs your attention or makes you want to get involved. You can essentially, take it or leave it.

A common theme of love doesn't quite come across in the same way other artists seem to have the ability to convey. It's quite a tragic view really. 'You don't know what love is til you've had mine'. Lyrics of desperation? The idea is there, but it lacks real depth and emotion.

As a group The Feeling are known for writing catchy pop, but this seems to have disappeared totally. Those radio friendly tracks are nowhere to be seen. If it's the catchy chorus of light hearted summer pop you're after, then look elsewhere!

Laura Johnstone

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