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The Feeling
Never Be Lonely
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The Feeling Never Be Lonely Single

Approaching slowly from the hot new bands bit in Time Out a year ago, The Feeling have subconsciously entered the nation's staple music bloodstream. They crept up, fatally and unsuspectingly on our tastes and elite attitudes, so that come 'Never Be Lonely', they could herald the end of an astronomical first chapter in their careers.

Some of the music press may want it to be their last; Drowned in Sound gave their album Twelve Stops and Home one out of ten, and the amazing diversity in how people have responded to a band that draw heavily on those we once rolled our eyes at is amazing. The rich sweetness of '70s 10cc and Supertramp is a matter for great debate. Contact Music in this case at least, will side with its supporters. If I can so bold as to draw parallels with Ben & Jerry's ice cream, it only makes you feel ill and want to chuck because you've enjoyed it so much and unknowingly eaten the whole pot. Similarly 'Never Be Lonely' is packed with the chirpy attitude that is almost creepy in abundance but undoubtedly brimming with life and fun. It is perhaps what turned frontman Dan Gillespie gay. Regardless, the song never fails to have an instant impact, which surely serves as a statement to the energy of The Feeling's music.


Jamie Curtis

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